Wicked Little Words - Stevie J. Cole, B.T. Urruela

There are moments in each person's life where everything shifts. Emotions morph. Hurt turns to rage. Love turns to hate. People change. It is the nature of life, for life is merely a metamorphosis.

As a Creative Writing student Miranda Cross knows to write something COMPLETELY unique to win the interest of Best-Selling author EA “Edwin Allen” Mercer. Mercer has a competition among the top young future-authors and is offering a co-writing spot on his next release. As a horror-thriller author Mercer’s mind travels to depths that most others can’t even imagine. But just how real is his inspiration?

I am the God of my own world, waiting for the outer world to crumble around me so I may laugh upon its ruins.

Wicked Little Words is a tricky book for me to rate. For about 90% I would have to say it was a 3-3.5 star reading experience for me. But that ending though! Made up the extra .5 to 4 stars. I did not see it coming!!

I found the pace average- neither moving quickly nor slowly. There was a lot of inner dialogue but I didn’t truly feel I was in any of the character’s heads. I would have liked more backstory on each of them- how they came to be who they were. The cabin in the woods with the amazing view was the PERFECT setting for the atmospheric edge in this book! I so wish I was there…well maybe not THAT cabin…

Overall a great thriller! I would recommend it to others and would love to see more from this author duo xx